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Under the Stencil Masking

Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca ! I'm so glad you are here! First (before I forget) the computer gurus have sent me a message that my email notification function is going away. So... if you get notified by email each time I put up a new blog entry then we will need to come up with a different plan. Until I figure all this out... please just bookmark me and pop into my blog at your convenience (I post a new entry at least once per week on Fridays) to see what new fun there is to discover! Last week my hubby and I went to Virginia Beach for an overnight road trip. It was a lovely drive and we enjoyed it... but it was so cold and windy on the beach we didn't spend much time outside. We did eat some great plant-based food, enjoy a lovely sunset, and get some ocean mist in our faces! When we arrived back home my lilacs were in full bloom!  Seeing these beautiful blossoms inspired me to share a fun technique with you... Under the Stencil Masking . I love this technique because

A Little of Everything!

Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca! Today I want to share a short video where I take you on a whirlwind adventure... starting with an itty-bitty Dollar Tree haul, then creating a clean and simple card using glitter paint, and ending by sharing with you beautiful Gypsy Hill Park (in my hometown of Staunton, Virginia) in all of it's springtime glory. I told you there was a lot to enjoy in this short video! It's okay to go back and watch it again if it zipped past too fast.😁 So let's look at the card in a little more detail... With all that lovely shiny glitter you can see why I kept the card fairly simple. The texture is nice, too. It has the roughness of the glitter but it doesn't rub off or flake on your hands. For those of you who want the dimensions: Card base is 8" x 6" white cardstock folded in half to create a 4" x 6" card base. Black cardstock layer is 3.75" x 5.75". The glitter heart piece is cut down to a smidge shy of 3.5"

Tips & Tricks - April 2021

This photo has nothing to do with today's  blog topic... but she is just too cute... so I had to share this photo of her creating in my craft room! Thank you for stopping in and reading my blog! I hope you find it both fun and helpful. I also hope seeing my adorable granddaughter (above) brought you a smile! Today's blog is all about time saving/money saving tips and tricks I've discovered in paper crafting. First you will want to watch my latest video demonstration of these helpful tips and tricks...  What do you think? Do you already do some or all of those techniques in your paper crafting? Let me know in the comments below. Here is a close up with some added information about the cards seen in this video. This slimline card measures 8.5" x 3.5". I colored it with a combination of gel pens, colored pencils, alcohol markers, and ink blending with a brush. This stamp design is another one from Little Darlings.  It was a happy coincidence that both cards were crea

HSN Paper Crafting Haul and Craft Time!

Greeting and welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca! Thank you for popping in to my little blog. I don't sell anything anymore but I keep this blog up because I enjoy interacting with you... the reader! Today I wanted to share my newest video! The video started out showing my haul from the Clearance sections of HSN... but then I got busy playing with one of my new stamps, and gabbing as I played, and then next thing you know I ended up with a card! 😂 So first things first... here is the video for you to enjoy... Isn't it funny how "play on paper" can actually turn into something! It was a fun progression of events and I hope you enjoyed the video. Here is a close up of the subsequent card... I love the colors and the "vibe" of this. It was fun to experiment with so many different techniques and mediums to achieve the final result... stamping, glitter ink, gel pens, etc. For those interested in measurements: base card is a 5" x 7  - it started out as w

Double Duty Layout: Scrapbook & Cards

Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca! I am so happy you are joining me today and I hope you find something of value here. I'm not sponsored, I don't sell anything, I don't promote any particular product anymore... I'm just putting this information out here for my fellow paper crafters and future paper crafters! Today I wanted to show you how you can take a scrapbook layout and turn it into a card layout (or take a card layout and convert it to a scrapbook layout). I made a video similar to this about 6 months ago, and you can check it out here:  Card or Scrapbook Layout?  But I had a few questions to answer and a request to revisit this idea (using a different layout example) so here we are! So for today's video I used a layout I designed for an 8.5" x 11" double layout. From this single layout design I created two cards... but there are endless possibilities. Here is the video to show you what I did... I will also include the measurements below for one