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Feb 2021 Dollar Tree Crafting Haul

Welcome to  Paper Crafting With Rebecca ! I am so happy you are stopping in for a read.  Today I want to talk about paper crafting and what is going on at Dollar Tree these days. There is a buzz of excitement and lot of "haul" videos going up on YouTube over the increased shelf space being dedicated to crafting at many Dollar Tree stores all over the country. I have to wonder if this pandemic that has kept so many of us at home this past year is the reason why Dollar Tree has increased their crafting supplies. I am hearing of an increased national interest in crafting of all sorts (not just paper crafting) now that we are all staying home more.  I got to wondering if our local Dollar Tree was on board and if they had designated a larger area for selling crafting supplies, too. So I put on my mask, grabbed my hand sanitizer and headed over to the nearest Dollar Tree. Here is my haul video and a little bit of what I discovered... As I said in the video, I was disappointed that

Bonus Video: Bumble Bee A2 Card

Hi! Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca ! I just got my most recent issue of Tattered Lace Magazine  (Issue 87) and it came with an adorable die and a honeycomb embossing folder. I couldn't wait to try out the cute little bumble bee die so I set about making an A2 size card with it. Here is the bonus video showing the process (I generally only publish a video on Fridays these days)... I hope you enjoyed watching it and if you have any questions about supplies or techniques I used then be sure leave me a comment or catch me on one of my social media links! I appreciate you stopping in... Happy Paper Crafting, Rebecca Disclosure Page

An Easy Gift of Notecards

Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca ! I am so pleased you are visiting my blog and I hope you find something useful and fun here! Today's topic is all about creating a little pack of notecards to present as a gift to those people in your life who you want to give that "extra little thank you to"... perhaps a teacher, your postal carrier, the person who cuts your hair, someone at work... etc. Here is the video showing how I made the gift pack of notecards... Here are a few measurements you might find helpful if making these notecards: Card Base: White cardstock - 4.25" x 11" (simply cut an 8.5" x 11" sheet in half) Watercolor Paper before color added: 9" x 12" cut evenly into 6 pieces (4.5" x 4") Watercolor Paper once colored is then trimmed to: 4.5" x 3.5" These measurements are simply what I use... but you can very easily customize to what you like! What about that little paper purse I used at the end of the video to p

Is It a Card or a Book?!

  Welcome to my blog, Paper Crafting With Rebecca! In order to maintain this blog, this page may contain affiliate links and I will be compensated (at no added cost to you) if you make a purchase after clicking my links. Thank you for your support! I had a comment on a previous video titled  Score One for "No-Die" Spines!  asking me if I had a video that showed how to make a card-book in more detail... so here is that video! Please remember, you can make your own size and design of card-book out of paper or cardstock you already own... but if you want to make one the same size as mine, here are the measurements I used. Cover Cardstock - 11.75" wide and 8.25" tall, fold each end in so you end up with a cover that is 10.75" wide and 8.25" tall. Draw a pencil line down the center (approximately 5.875" from each edge. Spine - 6.26" wide by 8" tall, scored as follows: 0.5"- 0.25"- 0.5"-0.5"- 0.25"- 0.5"- 0.5"- 0

It's OK to Keep It Simple!

Welcome to my blog, Paper Crafting With Rebecca! I was visiting with some other paper crafters online and some of them were discussing why they only make cards and not scrapbooks. In previous conversations with friends I had heard worries as to why they don't paper-craft at all... often they all believe it is too complicated! I'm here to tell you it is not as difficult as it is made out to be and it is very much "ok" to keep it "simple". I explain this in greater detail in my video... It's OK to Keep It Simple! One of the videos that I mentioned in this new video (above) was one about finding affordable paper crafting supplies... Hunting for Craft Supplies: Have You Looked Here? I also discuss finding affordable punches in this video... Punch Crazy! The donkey stamp set I used for the simple page in the demonstration is called Darling Donkeys . I got mine from Beth Mohr at  Stampin' Up!  (Please note: I am not affiliated with Stampin' Up! nor w