Is It a Card or a Book?!


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I had a comment on a previous video titled Score One for "No-Die" Spines! asking me if I had a video that showed how to make a card-book in more detail... so here is that video!

Please remember, you can make your own size and design of card-book out of paper or cardstock you already own... but if you want to make one the same size as mine, here are the measurements I used.

  • Cover Cardstock - 11.75" wide and 8.25" tall, fold each end in so you end up with a cover that is 10.75" wide and 8.25" tall. Draw a pencil line down the center (approximately 5.875" from each edge.
  • Spine - 6.26" wide by 8" tall, scored as follows:
    • 0.5"- 0.25"- 0.5"-0.5"- 0.25"- 0.5"- 0.5"- 0.25"- 0.5- 0.5"- 0.25"- 0.5"- 0.5"- 0.25"
  • Spine reinforcement strip - 1.5" x 8"
  • Inside cover (2 pieces) 4.25" x 8"
  • Inside pages are 8.5" x 8" folded in half to be 4.25" x 8"

Again, for a more detailed explanation of making just the spine (or to see a different style of card-book) please check out my Score One for "No Die" Spines! video as I go into more detail about spines in that video. 

As for the pockets and embellishments, I generally "wing it" with what paper sizes I have or what I want to make to embellish the card-book. This card-book required that I create a lot of pockets and storage nooks, but other card-books may be designed to hold pictures, or journaling, tell a story, or send sentiments... it is all up to you and your own creativity! For the card-book in this video... here are some additional measurements:

This pocket on the first page measures 3.5" x 7.75".

The "LOVE" pocket measures 3.25" x 4.25" once completed.
The purple pocket on the opposite page is 3.5" x 7.25" .

The completed envelopes are 4" square.
The completed shaker pocket is 3.75" x 6" .

The embossed flower pocket is 3" x 7.5".
The small ribbon trimmed pocket opposite is 3.25" x 4.75" .

The envelope on the last page is 3.25" x 6.75".

The supplies I used are all things I had in my stash so I don't have a lot of links to share with you. However, some of the things I used are:
  • The flowered cardstock and matching card-toppers are from Kanban Crafts.
  • My scoring board is a Scor-Buddy Mini.
  • My ready-made purple bow can be found at 200 pcs 1.5" Satin Bow.
  • The filigree die is an Anna Griffin die, the butterfly dies are so old I have forgotten where I bought them. The round petal-like dies on the last page are from Crafter's Companion.
  • The adhesive tape I use the most is Angel Crafts Acid-Free Double Sided Tape
  • I love my Nuvo Glitter Drops
I hope this information is helpful. If you have any questions I didn't answer, or suggestions, or comments please leave them for me in the comment section. I love hearing from you!

Happy Paper Crafting,