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Tactile Valentines

Welcome to my blog, Paper Crafting With Rebecca! Valentine's Day is quickly approaching so I have been busy creating cards to send out some "love". I got to thinking about how fun it is to create and receive cards that are not only visually beautiful but also fun to touch... that "tactile pop" that steps the experience up a notch. Sometimes we create cards without even thinking about the physical feel of it when we touch it and the card will accidentally have various textures to enjoy. However, I have been trying to focus more on incorporating more "tactile pop" into my cards recently and that requires a more conscious effort on my part. With that in mind, please enjoy this video I created demonstrating a simple card technique that also incorporates a lot of "tactile pop". I hope that little video helped to clarify what I am talking about when I mention "tactile pop". Here are some added photos of some of the cards... Here are the m

A Few Goodies I Discovered!

  Welcome to my blog, Paper Crafting With Rebecca !  For today's blog I wanted to share with you a couple of ideas I have discovered to make my life as a paper crafter easier.  Let's start with bows! I love bows on cards but they can be difficult to tie "just right" and so often the pre-tied ones are rather pricey. I discovered, however, a big bag of 200 little bows that are way more affordable than any other I've found. These bows measure between 1" to 1.5" and feel like satin. Next I need to tell you about these cool wax pencils I bought that work (in my opinion) better than my Pick-Me-Up by Silhouette. I've used my Pick-Me-Up for many years to pick up little sequins and gems for applying to my paper crafting projects but my main complaint about it is that although it picks up the little sequins and gems great, it won't release them once on top of the glue. These wax pencils, however, have just the right amount of "tack" to pick up th

Honest Review: My First Order from

  Welcome to my blog, Paper Crafting With Rebecca! I went clearance shopping at! I had seen their website but never ordered from them before... so I thought I would give them a try and see how it went. Currently (at the time of me making this video and product review) I am not affiliated with at all (other than being a first-time customer). I made this video showing the unboxing and sharing the prices and my honest thoughts on their various products... I would be very interested in hearing from you if you've ever shopped with them and what you think about the experience. Please leave me your comments and tell me what you think! Happy Paper Crafting, Rebecca Disclosure Page

Color Dare #426 - Let's Flamingle!

Welcome to my blog, Paper Crafting With Rebecca! In order to maintain this blog, this page may contain affiliate links and I will be compensated (at no added cost to you) if you make a purchase after clicking my links. Thank you for your support!  I has been awhile since I entered a Color Dare so I decided I better remedy that and start 2021 with a tropical feel! This week's challenge rules can be found at: 👉    Color My Heart Color Dare: Color Dare #426    👈 To keeps things simple I made this video for you showing the basics of my card design. I would love to hear what you think about it, or if you have any suggestions, in the comments below. I will also include some still shots below with a few more details in case you would like to make something similar.   The paper and ink colors I chose to meet the challenge requirements were: Flamingo, Nectarine, and Lagoon from Close to my Heart I wish I could remember where I got this stamp set from! I threw away the majority of the pack

Punch Crazy!

Welcome to my blog, Paper Crafting With Rebecca! Happy 2021! Now that the holidays and 2020 are behind us I am back in my craft room creating videos and blogs. I took a couple of weeks off so I could enjoy the holidays with my hubby and so we could remodel our kitchen. The remodel is done (as far as the physical work) but now we are waiting on the appliances. The appliance salesman told us that nothing would be arriving before mid to late March! Wow! I just hope my clunky clanking refrigerator can hold out that long! Anyway... I am back at it and wanted to start 2021 talking about paper punches. Do you own some paper punches but forget to use them? Are you just starting out in paper crafting and wondering about the many uses of paper punches and how to build your stash without spending too much money? These are some of the topics I address in this video! I would be very interested in your comments or suggestions below... After watching this video, what do you think about paper punches?