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Napkin to Cardstock?!?

Welcome to my blog,  Paper Crafting With Rebecca ! Do you ever see really pretty napkins at the store and say to yourself, "that would make lovely cardstock"! I do that often, so I thought I would try out something I had read about online... I made a super short video of the attempt and subsequent results below... What do you think? Have you tried this technique before? Do you have any suggestions? Here are a few shots of my results... I would be very interested in reading any comments or suggestions about this. Let me know in the comments. Happy Paper Crafting, Rebecca  Disclosure Page

"Prime Days" Paper Crafting Haul & Tips

Welcome to my blog,  Paper Crafting With Rebecca ! Amazon Prime Day 2020 has come and gone and I thought it would be fun to share some of the paper crafting goodies I picked up at fantastic prices! I am NOT an affiliate of Amazon. I simply enjoyed finding these goodies and want you to see what I bought. First... you will want to watch this video because I talk about the things I bought, give some tips on using them, and provide a card making demonstration... Let's look at some of the cards and supplies I used in more detail. If you have any questions about any supplies not mentioned here be sure to leave me a message in the comments below. The first item I discussed in the video was the Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors Gel Pens . I love how these pens move on the paper. Note: When using a new gel pen that has never been used before start it out on a piece of scratch paper until it establishes a flow. If it seems like it isn't going to work, lightly tap it straight up and down on t

Donation Cards Restyled

Welcome to my blog,  Paper Crafting With Rebecca ! I'm going to start this blog with two thoughts:  1. I love creating with paper... all sorts of paper! But, as any paper crafter can tell you, paper can get a bit pricey. 2. Our household receives a lot of packs of "free" cards from charitable causes we have made donations to. These cards are often beautiful or cute, but I'm a card maker so I don't mail them "as is" because I custom create my own cards to mail. So... knowing these two things I decided to make this video showing what I do with all these "free" cards.  Here are a couple of close ups of the cards featured in the videos... We can call this one "Church in a Blizzard"... LOL The card base is made from a blue cardstock that I used a shimmer brush on to add sparkle. It is amazing what a little bit of glitter and foam tape can do! This shaker card has just enough sparkle! I added a "stitch" around the edge using a sil