Donation Cards Restyled

Welcome to my blog, Paper Crafting With Rebecca!

I'm going to start this blog with two thoughts: 

1. I love creating with paper... all sorts of paper! But, as any paper crafter can tell you, paper can get a bit pricey.

2. Our household receives a lot of packs of "free" cards from charitable causes we have made donations to. These cards are often beautiful or cute, but I'm a card maker so I don't mail them "as is" because I custom create my own cards to mail.

So... knowing these two things I decided to make this video showing what I do with all these "free" cards. 

Here are a couple of close ups of the cards featured in the videos...

We can call this one "Church in a Blizzard"... LOL

The card base is made from a blue cardstock that
I used a shimmer brush on to add sparkle.

It is amazing what a little bit of glitter and foam tape can do!

This shaker card has just enough sparkle! I added
a "stitch" around the edge using a silver gel pen.

This shaker card was so easy, but ended up so pretty!

Once again, a little bit of glitter, some foam tape, and this
card went from simple and one-dimensional to sparkly and fun!

I hope you found this video helpful. What do you do with those "free" cards when they end up in your house? Let us me know in the comments below.

Happy Paper Crafting,