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A Spooky Halloween Card

Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca! I am so pleased and humbled that you have stopped in today, thank you!  Today I wanted to share a fun but spooky Halloween card I designed. I am using supplies found in my stash and providing this video/blog as inspiration for you to do the same. So watch this little video for a general design boost and then pull out the goodies in your stash and get busy having fun! Of course, since we probably aren't using the same supplies it won't do me much good to give you the specific measurements that I used... but in general... the card base was made with a piece of white cardstock cut to 8.5" x 5.5" and then folded in half to create a card that is 4.25" x 5.5". The rest of the card was simply built to fit onto that card base. I chose gray, black, and white as the color theme to give the card that "spooky" feel. Thank you for joining me today and, as usual, I am not sponsored by (nor an affiliate of) any of the prod

Challenge YOUrself #93 - A Friend's Challenge

Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca! I appreciate you taking time to pop in for this little visit. Today's blog entry is all about a scrapbook page I am putting up for consideration in a "Challenge YOUrself" challenge. This is #93 and it is titled "A Friends Challenge!" To learn more click on the link below: Challenge YOUrself #93 I have some friends who are so very very dear to me, but when you ask me "who is your best friend" my husband is the first person who pops into my head! He has stuck with me through "thick and thin", listens to (and tries to fulfill) my dreams, has seen me at my best and my worst... but still stays by my side. We laugh together, cry together, and simply love spending time together! That is why I chose him as my "friend" to base this page on. As for the layout of my page... I "scrap lifted" the layout from a page I saw by @donnaespiritu25 on Instagram. I love the colorful happiness that is her

Color Dare #459 - Triple Play

Hello! Welcome to my Paper Crafting With Rebecca blog! I hope you find something here you enjoy and something that inspires you today! It has been a little bit since I've joined into a Color Dare Challenge so I thought I would jump into one today. I found this Color Dare to be a fun one (and a challenge) because I like using lots of colors when I create but this one limited me to only three basic colors! If you would like to read all the rules and details (or if you would like to enter a paper crafting creation yourself) here is the link 👉  Color Dare #459  👈. As I usually do these days, I created a video showing the process I went through to create this card (mistakes and all 😂). In the video I also demonstrate various paper crafting techniques and give some tips along the way. Here is that video: I hope that you enjoyed the video and found it helpful. Remember this challenge is open until September 9, 2021, so you can join in on the fun! I look forward to seeing what you creat