Punch Crazy!

Welcome to my blog, Paper Crafting With Rebecca!

Happy 2021! Now that the holidays and 2020 are behind us I am back in my craft room creating videos and blogs. I took a couple of weeks off so I could enjoy the holidays with my hubby and so we could remodel our kitchen. The remodel is done (as far as the physical work) but now we are waiting on the appliances. The appliance salesman told us that nothing would be arriving before mid to late March! Wow! I just hope my clunky clanking refrigerator can hold out that long! Anyway... I am back at it and wanted to start 2021 talking about paper punches.

Do you own some paper punches but forget to use them? Are you just starting out in paper crafting and wondering about the many uses of paper punches and how to build your stash without spending too much money? These are some of the topics I address in this video! I would be very interested in your comments or suggestions below...

After watching this video, what do you think about paper punches? Do you have a source you buy yours from that is affordable? If so let us know in the comments below because, after all, can anyone ever really have too many punches?!

I mentioned (in the video) my paper doll punch, but didn't show it in action... here is a picture of some of the results of that punch...

I also have an animal punch that I adapt to making numerous animals with...

I store my punches in plastic drawers. It's not ideal but I haven't heard of any other way that would work better. Do you have any storage suggestions for storing punches? 

As I mentioned in the video, I really have a soft spot for corner punches. Here is a shot of the card in the video that shows the corner punch wrap method I demonstrated...

I hope this video and blog encourages you to take a new look at paper punches. They are a fun tool and more adaptable than you might realize at first.

Thank you for watching my videos, visiting this blog, and for any comments you leave. I love hearing from you and learning from your experiences, too.

Happy Paper Crafting,