A Few Goodies I Discovered!


Welcome to my blog, Paper Crafting With Rebecca

For today's blog I wanted to share with you a couple of ideas I have discovered to make my life as a paper crafter easier. 

Let's start with bows! I love bows on cards but they can be difficult to tie "just right" and so often the pre-tied ones are rather pricey. I discovered, however, a big bag of 200 little bows that are way more affordable than any other I've found. These bows measure between 1" to 1.5" and feel like satin.

Next I need to tell you about these cool wax pencils I bought that work (in my opinion) better than my Pick-Me-Up by Silhouette. I've used my Pick-Me-Up for many years to pick up little sequins and gems for applying to my paper crafting projects but my main complaint about it is that although it picks up the little sequins and gems great, it won't release them once on top of the glue. These wax pencils, however, have just the right amount of "tack" to pick up the object but immediately release it when it touches the glue. Here is a video showing you ... 

Lastly, I want to share with you a fantastic way I found to store stencils! It always seems like the little drawer I kept my stencils in was a disorganized mess and I would find my stencils stuck together. When trying to separate/untangle them I was worried I would rip them. I didn't use some of them because I couldn't see the design very well when stored in the drawer. Here is a 2 minute video that shows you how I solved this problem... 

These are the 3-pack American Crafts 6" x 6" Page Protectors . I ended up with a tad more than I needed by buying the 3-pack, but now I have room to buy more stencils! 😁

I hope that these little tips and goodies I have discovered will help you out. Sometimes it is the little things that make crafting all the more relaxing and fun. If you have any ideas that you want to share then please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Paper Crafting,