Feb 2021 Dollar Tree Crafting Haul

Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca! I am so happy you are stopping in for a read. 

Today I want to talk about paper crafting and what is going on at Dollar Tree these days. There is a buzz of excitement and lot of "haul" videos going up on YouTube over the increased shelf space being dedicated to crafting at many Dollar Tree stores all over the country. I have to wonder if this pandemic that has kept so many of us at home this past year is the reason why Dollar Tree has increased their crafting supplies. I am hearing of an increased national interest in crafting of all sorts (not just paper crafting) now that we are all staying home more. 

I got to wondering if our local Dollar Tree was on board and if they had designated a larger area for selling crafting supplies, too. So I put on my mask, grabbed my hand sanitizer and headed over to the nearest Dollar Tree. Here is my haul video and a little bit of what I discovered...

As I said in the video, I was disappointed that there were no dies, but pleasantly surprised to see more shelf space dedicated to crafting in general. Hopefully the stock of paper supplies will continue to flesh out a bit, but I'm not going to complain because at least they are trying. Since our little town does not have a dedicated "crafting store" I am happy for what Dollar Tree is doing.

You may remember I had done a video back in January of last year providing suggestions for where to look for crafting supplies if your town doesn't have a dedicated crafting supply store. Here it is in case you don't remember it...

So that was what I discovered locally. I hope you are finding an increased availability of paper crafting supplies in your area, too.

Thank you for stopping in... please feel free to leave me comments below and let me know what you are finding in your area. Did your local Dollar Tree step up their crafting supply game?

Happy Paper Crafting,