My Life

Thankfully I have many facets to my life.

First, I am a happy wife and have been married to my hubby Willis for over 37 years. He has a great sense of humor, spoils me, and he tolerates my need to craft. When I say, "I need to go to the craft store, they are having a sale on Washi tape!" he doesn't say a word, but simply gathers up the car keys and we head out the door. How lucky can a lady get?

I am also a mother and a "Grammy". Our son, and his precious wife, have blessed us with a beautiful granddaughter and a beautiful grandson. Yes, I will admit that there will be many a picture of my grandchildren scattered throughout this blog. I can't help myself... those four young people hold my heart.

Also, I am blessed in that I have loving friends and my parents to enrich my life. I never take for granted these wonderful people and the joy I experience with them all.

Of course I also need to tell you about my fur-baby named Blayde. He is an adorable Pomeranian who has brought laughter into our lives these last eleven years. He is a loyal little clown and loves to sit at my feet as I design and create my paper art.

Update: It is with great sadness that I share the loss of our sweet little Blayde on 25 June 2018.
We miss you Blayde!

So that is my life. Now let's get to creating some fun paper crafting projects together!