A Sticky Situation: Adhesives!

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Moving to a “sticky topic”...let’s talk about adhesives! Yes, that was corny, but when I started paper crafting I got myself into a few “sticky situations” (okay...that’s the last of the corny for this posting) not knowing the correct adhesives to use for various projects. I used stick school glue on some of my first projects, and quickly learned how difficult it is to control the application of the stick glue on delicate paper pieces. This caused me to look into adhesive options and I learned so much! To share what I learned, here are five of my favorite adhesives and my reasons why.

Tombow Permanent Adhesive - This tape runner is my “go to” adhesive when I want to attach paper-to-paper elements on my scrapbook pages or cards. It goes on easily, is not messy, and gives me a moderate amount of control. You can buy refills for your dispenser, too!

To attach sequins or other small embellishments to paper I use Art Glitter Adhesive Glue. I like that it dries matte clear and dries quickly. I use the Quilled Creations Precision Tip Glue Applicator Bottle, 0.5-Ounce to make application a breeze and to have the most control. Tip: It is better to stock up on this glue when the weather is warmer, it does not ship well in cold weather. I have been told by other paper crafters that this adhesive is ruined/separates in freezing temperatures (luckily this has never happened to me personally). You never can be sure the mail/UPS truck is kept warm in the winter so I stock up when the weather is not so cold. If you don't want the mess of a liquid glue then my other favorite adhesive for small embellishments is Glue Dots.

One of the fun adhesive tools I have (yes, paper crafting tools can be fun) is my Xyron XRN500EN 5 Inch Create-a-Sticker Machine. I love that I can turn any piece of paper I crank through the machine into a sticker which can then be easily applied to my paper crafting project. This is a wonderful easy option for flat lacy pieces of paper you want to adhere to your project. One thing I learned from my experience with my machine is that you want to be sure to keep a Xyron Acid-free Adhesive Refill Cartridge for the XRN500 on hand. Nothing like running out of adhesive in the middle of a project...grrrr.

For those times you want to add depth to your paper crafting projects let me suggest foam tape. This tape is perfect for not only adding depth but also for making shaker cards. I go through lots of foam tape.

To attach ribbon or tulle on my cards or in my scrapbooks I use Angel Crafts 1/2" by 55 YARDS Double-Sided TAPE Adhesive because it is permanent, acid-free, heat resistant and 55 yards is a lot of tape for your money. I use the 1/2” the most, but I do occasionally use the more narrow Angel Crafts 1/4" by 55 YARDS Double-Sided TAPE Adhesive for the “skinny stuff”.

So there you have it, the five adhesive options I use the most. You will see them all used in future blog posts as I share with you some paper crafting techniques. I used three different adhesives to make the card at the top of this posting. Can you guess which ones? Do you have an adhesive you particularly like? If you do, let me know about it in the comments below.

Happy Paper Crafting!