Card: A Simple Thank You

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"You are making another thank you card!" Yes but, honest, I do make other sorts of cards, too! However, it is that time of year when I tend to send cards to thank those who helped to make our holidays so special, so let's look at this simple two-tone design. Although this card is simple in design it still conveys those feelings of gratitude. I used the following in my "recipe":

Card base: One sheet of white 8.5" x 11" cardstock cut in half.
Card layers: Patterned paper. I used two different papers out of the Fundamental Paper Packet. I cut the background paper to 4" x 5.25" and one 4" x 0.75". I also saved my scrap to make my top layer "Thank You" die cut from. I cut the heart patterned paper to 3.75" x 5". I also used my scrap white cardstock to cut out three more white "Thank You" dies cuts.
Stamps: I used a sentiment stamp on the inside of the card. For this card I used an older discontinued stamp, but you could put any sentiment of your choice on the inside such as All the Thanks stamps.
Inks: Juniper from the Whimsy Exclusive Inks Mini Pigment Pad Set.
Adhesives: Tombow Permanent Adhesive and Art Glitter Glue in the precision tip bottle (see my blog entry A Sticky Situation: Adhesives! for links to these two products.)
Embellishments: Clear Shimmer Brush and some clear sparkles I have in my stash. I didn't keep the packaging so I'm not sure of the brand, but they look like these Clear Sparkles.

I used my Cricut Cuddlebug and one of my "Thank You" dies to cut out three in white cardstock and one in the colored paper.

I then glued all the "thank you" die cuts together, one on top of the other, with the colored paper ending up on top. While the adhesive on my, now dimensional, "Thank You" die cut paper was drying I used the shimmer brush to add some shimmer to the small piece of colored paper.

Next was to attach the die cut "Thank You" to the now shimmery colored paper, then notch the paper for interest.

Adhere the patterned paper (aren't those hearts adorable) to the colored patterned paper. (Notice that the heart paper is two sided, so I could have used the yellow side if I had wanted to, but I was keeping this card a simple two-tone.)

Then I attached the "Thank You" strip to the top and added in a few sparkles for dimension. I also used my shimmer pen all around the white edge of the base card, but it doesn't show up in this photo. It is pretty and shimmery in real life though!

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Wishing you a Happy New Year and Happy Paper Crafting!