Welcome to my Paper Crafting With Rebecca blog. Usually I jump right into sharing a paper crafting project, however, this is not the case with today's entry.

If you follow my blog you may realize it has been a few weeks since I posted an entry. The reason being that in the second week of June my little dog, Blayde, started having more difficulties with his health (collapsed trachea and congestive heart failure). Our veterinarian couldn't do anything more for him and Blayde died on June 25, 2018. I feel as if someone has ripped a giant hole out of my heart and because of this immense grief I have not had my usual "creative juju" or desire to do much of anything. The couple of times that I have gone downstairs to my crafting area I had to turn around and walk out, because Blayde was not there with me. He always sat at my feet, on his little bed next to my crafting table, as I paper crafted.

So I have decided, if you will be kind enough to indulge me, to dedicate today's blog entry to Blayde. Perhaps by you allowing me to share a bit about him in my blog I will be able to focus once again on my beloved hobby of paper crafting.

Blayde was born on May 28, 2007. As a puppy he was playful, a clown, but also he had a relaxed attitude about him. He was not a "yappy" Pomeranian, in fact, we weren't sure Blayde could even bark until he was about 4 months old. He never met an animal or person he didn't like.

He was such a joy to us and a happy little fellow.

As a puppy Blayde loved to be snuggled near his people.

He never outgrew the snuggling...

We celebrated Blayde's first birthday in New York, right after the college graduation of our son.

Blayde enjoyed traveling in our RV with us from one coast to the other.

Wearing a lobster bib in Maine.

Riding in his car seat.

Mardi Gras parade participant.

Watching out for those alligators the sign warned him about.

Happy to be on the trolley in Sedona, AZ.

Despite being such a little guy, he held his own on the many hikes we took.

"Mommy, it rained on us during this hike, now I'm all orange!"

"It sure is windy here!"

"I think there is a bear behind us!"

Blayde was always a good sport about getting his picture taken in all sorts of unusual places.

"Geez Dad! What is it about you and bears?!"

Blayde played well with others dogs, it didn't matter their size, he just loved to play.

When we RV'd he had his own red camping chair, which he preferred sitting on rather than the ground. Actually, until he got sick, he preferred any furniture to the floor. There were many mornings during our travels he would want to stay in bed as if he was saying, "let's take today off and just snuggle".

But sometimes he would play so hard he would fall asleep wherever he landed.

Blayde loved water! He would rather walk through a puddle than around it. He so enjoyed his runs on the beach, in rivers, lakes, swamps... if there was water he headed for it!

Even the day before he died he found a mud puddle to roll in,
despite having severe breathing difficulties.

Blayde was truly my "soul dog"... that one dog that can never ever be replaced, that one dog that could read my mind and loved me with all his heart... and I loved him back. I miss him so very much. 

Thank you for letting me share these memories of my sweet little fur baby with you. My next blog will be back to paper crafting.



  1. Write all you want about Blayde. I for one, love his pictures and your tales of travel. For me, Blayde was a unique little soul, so very different from other dogs I had known, and very different from my own little hound. My heart hurts for you right now, I really wish I could take away your pain, but I really enjoyed your Blayde blog. Write away, lets all cry, lets follow the shining path through the sadness to the light. He'll be right there, the whole way. I have to believe this is true.

    1. Thank you Patty. I knew from the day I got him as a puppy that his life span would probably be shorter than mine, but it still hurts beyond words when that awful day comes. Your kind words are very precious to me, thank you.

  2. RIP Blayde - Romping in Paradise. Bless his gorgeous Heart out.

    Remember, Rebecca and Family - no one can take away your memories of Blayde.

    I will now go light a candle for him. I am hoping that he is now playing with my dog, Daisy who went before him in January.

    Blessings to you all.

    XX Mal, Melbourne, Australia

    1. Thank you, I hope he and Daisy are having a lovely time playing and romping together. He loved to play with other fur babies and he was always so gentle when he played, never nipping or playing too rough. Thank you for your kind comment and for lighting a candle for him.


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