Technique: Using Nuvo Drops

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There are lots of fun embellishments in paper crafting. I received a question on my last blog entry, Card: Random Projects 2 regarding my use of Nuvo Drops. The reader noticed that I had "flattened" the drops a bit and wanted to know my technique for changing the drops from "bead shaped" to a flatter more "mail friendly" drop. That is a valid question, so here is a technique tutorial on some of the things you can do with Nuvo Drops.

Nuvo Drops come in a variety of styles and so many colors: Nuvo Glitter DropsNuvo Jewel DropsNuvo Glow Drops, and Nuvo Crystal Drops. Nuvo Drops are fun to use if you are creating a card from scratch... but they are also fun to add to store bought cards, notes, scrapbook pages... basically, anytime you have paper you want to perk up!

The formula used in making Nuvo Drops is "self leveling". This simply means that you won't get a little "peak" on your drop once squeezed from the bottle if done properly. A few basics you will want to know:
  • When dropping a Nuvo Drop onto your project, hold it slightly above where you are placing it as you squeeze the drop out. Don't hold the tip of the bottle against the paper (that will create a donut look).

This picture is a bit blurred, but as you can see the tip of the applicator is not touching the paper.
The drop needs to be "dropped".

Nice round "pearl shaped" drops!
  • Hold the bottle straight up, not tilted, so that your drop drops evenly from the tip of the bottle.
  • Keep in mind that the medium that suspends the glitter in some of the Nuvo Glitter Drops will dry clear, even though it appears white when first squeezed from the bottle, so all you will see is the glitter once dried.
  • Allow time for it to dry completely! I don't put the drops on my project until I am ready to walk away from it for the day. It is best to let your drops dry flat overnight or even 24-hours because you don't want to smear or flatten them!
  • You can make the drops ahead of time if you want to. Simply make the drops on a sheet of glass or slick acetate, let dry, then they can be brushed off and stored in a small container for later use. You will need a dot of glue to attach them to the paper project if using this method. This is a good option for crafters who want to see what the drop will look like on the project without "committing". Make the drop on glass, let it dry, then place on project... if you like the look then add the glue and (once the glue dries) you have a finished project.
What else can I do besides make "drops" with these? Great question! Here are a some things I do with them:

→ Make a "flatter disc" from the drop. To do this you will:
  1. Squeeze the drop onto the cardstock/paper.
  2. Hold the project slightly above the table.
  3. Drop the project firmly to the workspace. You may need to repeat these steps a few times until the drop spreads to the circumference you desire. If you don't want to "drop" your project on the table I have also "knocked" (just like knocking on a door) next to the project and let the vibration settle out the drop, too.
Flatter drops add dimension, but also workout great in the mail!

→ Making a basic line or design.
  1. Squeeze the first drop onto the cardstock/paper.
  2. Using the same color (or different color if you want multicolor) squeeze the next drop next to the first barely touching the first drop.
  3. Continue in this way until you make the shape you desire.

Or you can drop all of the one color, leaving space for the other color between drops.

→ Making a woven line or design.
  1. This technique requires a minimum of two colors of drops.
  2. Squeeze the drop onto the cardstock/paper.
  3. Using a different color squeeze the next drop so it barely touches the first drop.
  4. Continue doing this until you have your line or shape of alternating drops.
  5. Lastly, using a sewing pin (or any fine sharp object) slowly drag the tip through the middle of the drops. This should give you a "chevron" effect.

→ Making teardrops and hearts.
  1. Squeeze the drop onto the cardstock/paper.
  2. Teardrop: Drop and "air drag" the drop. (Remember you don't want to touch your applicator tip to the paper.)
  3. Heart: Drop and drag two teardrops next to each other.
  4. I keep a sewing pin nearby in case I need to "touch up" the shape before it drys.

→ Making custom designs from logos, prints, etc.
  1. Place your chosen design on your workspace.
  2. Place a piece of clear glass or acetate over the design. (I use easily removable Washi tape to secure the acetate.)
  3. Use your drops to outline and fill the design. It doesn't take much of the Nuvo Drop to fill the design because the drops are self-leveling. Make the outline and then use just a dab to fill with.
  4. Allow to dry completely.
  5. Remove from glass/acetate and glue onto your project!

Now I have three flowers that need at least 24-hours to dry.

Now that I have three flowers, let's put this together on a card. Note: I'm not a pro at tracing with Nuvo Drops, so my flowers came out a bit "goopy" looking, but with practice I could probably get better... at least you get the idea of how it is supposed to work. 😉

Shading my white cardstock with some Tim Holtz Broken China Distress Ink by Ranger.

Spritzing some water to add some interest to the shading.

Now it's dry, time to stamp on some stems for the flowers.

I stamped the stems using CTMH Willow Green, then I used my brush to paint the leaves using the same ink pad.

I used the CTMH Willow green and a sponge to shade in the grass, and then added some "grass" lines using my paintbrush.

Now I can add the flowers!

I stamped and clear heat embossed the sentiment and then chose the one that turned out
the best to die cut using my Cricut Cuttlebug.

Lastly I added some more Nuvo Glitter Drops randomly on the card.
Note: They look white, but will dry clear leaving just the glitter dimension behind.

Once dried, the completed card.

I hope this helps you to use your versatile Nuvo Drops in a more creative way. Be sure to click on my links above you want to purchase some Nuvo Drops and try these ideas out for yourself!

Thank you for reading my blog. Remember to leave comments and questions in the comments below. I love hearing from you!

Happy Paper Crafting,