Card: Stamping a Rainbow of Color

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It is that fun, albeit busy, time of year when I want to spend all my time creating paper crafts! I have been busiest working on our granddaughter's gift (which I will show you after I give it to her next month) and an assortment of Halloween cards.

I did take timeout from those projects, however, to try a stamping technique I saw on Bluprint. Of course I made the card a bit differently, adding my own touches, but it was fun to be inspired by what I watched on Bluprint.

I started with a piece of white cardstock cut to 5" x 3.75".

Next I carefully taped it to my work area using some wide Washi tape from my stash. If you have Post-It tape, that might be better to use as there is less chance of tearing your paper when you peel the tape back... but I used what I had handy.

Gathering my supplies I chose to use a rainbow of colors from my Distress Ink stash, but you can use any of your favorite ink pads in your favorite colors for this card. I also pulled out my black embossing powder, my anti-static powder, VersaMark and some basic shape stamps.

The stamps I chose to use are older ones in my stamp collection, but you can use any shape or small stamp you want for this design. Concord & 9th is one of my favorite places to look for small fun stamps. They offer a fun variety and are made well.

First I used my larger of the two circle bursts to stamp a random array of colors across the card, in rainbow order. If you stamp your colors in rainbow order then you know you won't end up with muddy colors as the colors overlap.

Then I used the smaller of the circle burst stamps to fill in the empty spaces. It is fine if the colors overlap, that simply adds to the vibrancy of the card.

Now comes the time to gently peel the tape off. I ended up with a small tear on my white cardstock. I also noticed there were some ink spatters... my ink pads seemed particularly juicy today. But, no worries... these issues can be fixed in a moment.

Before doing anything else, however, I dried the ink so I wouldn't end up with anymore splatters or smears.

Next, using my VersaMark ink I stamped the word "Celebrate" onto the front of the design and added my black embossing powder. You will see that even though I used my anti-static powder I still ended up with some of the powder sticking to the bottom of the cardstock. This is easy to fix by using a dry paintbrush to brush off the excess.

Now to cover that tear the Washi tape left behind. I used some Cricut glitter tape. After all, who doesn't like a little extra sparkle in their life? I simply ran a strip of the tape above and below my colored design to cover up the tear and the ink splatter.

To pull the card together I cut a black piece of cardstock to 4" x 5.25" to mount between my card base and the stamped piece.

For my card base I used a white piece of cardstock cut to 5.5" x 8.5". I scored and folded the cardstock at 4.25".

The black cardstock can be attached to the card base using your favorite adhesive. I used two-sided permanent tape.

Next I attached my stamped cardstock to the black cardstock using foam tape to add a bit more dimension to the card. I like using foam tape because it adds dimension but doesn't interfere with being able to mail the card in a regular A2 envelope.

I see I still have one itty-bitty yellow ink spot showing up so I got into my stash of die-cut leftovers and pulled out some black glitter paper hearts. When I die-cut images I save my leftover die-cuts in a small plastic box for days just like today! You never know when your are going to need some little goodie like that to "fix" a mistake.

And there you have it... a completed card! (Actually, I made two of them because they are so fun to make!)

Now, as I need the cards, I can send them as is or add a small black sentiment strip (such as "Happy Birthday", or "Happy Anniversary") to the front below the word "Celebrate". I can also stamp or write a personalized sentiment on the inside of the card.

I hope you enjoyed today's card. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and I really enjoy hearing from you. Please feel free to leave comments, ideas, or pictures of your own cards in the comment section below.

Happy Paper Crafting,


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