The 2 Game

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I promised a bit ago to show you what I was making for our granddaughter for her second birthday... so, here it is. I created a game made just for her! I named it "The 2 Game". Basically I created cards for her that consisted of two each of things she enjoys... puppies, baby ducks, apples, etc.

Our granddaughter loves to "sort" things, so for now (at newly turning two years old) she will enjoy simply looking at and organizing the cards. However, as she gets older we will be able to use the cards to play Match-It, Go-Fish and the Memory Game, too.

To make the cards I started by creating her favorite things out of cardstock, all sized small enough to fit on a card background cut to 2.5" x 3.5". I cut many of the cardstock shapes using my Cricut Explore Air.

I made sure to glue the parts together securely, keeping in mind that they will be played with by a two year old! I made lots of different animals, fruits, veggies, flowers... all things she likes (especially baby ducks).

Then it came time to put together the cards. Each card is made from a shaped item, a background, a center pink piece, and a "2" cutout piece.

Layering the cards in this way allowed for some sturdy thickness, however, it also made the cards all uniform in appearance from the back view so that they can be used to play the Memory Game down the road when she is older.

I ended up with 36 (18 pairs) cute cards for her to play with. Some are embellished with a Shimmer Brush, and others (like the lion) have tiny jewels to add interest.

Next I made a box for her store them in. I simply used cardstock matching the card backing for the basic box with a divider and added craft foam around the edges of the box to make it more sturdy for her.

Here is a picture of her sitting on her mother's lap "sorting" her cards. She seems to take this task very  seriously. 

What a lovely way to keep a toddler busy, entertained, and improving motor skills... not to mention we know she is playing with something I put so much time and love into! 

Thank you for taking time to read my blog. If you have any questions, would like further details in order to make your own toddler card game, or would like to share ideas or comments then please be sure to put them in the comment section below.

Happy Paper Crafting,