#2 DFG RGV TX Team Fundraiser

Welcome back to the second entry in a four part blog series dedicated to Days for Girls (DFG), and specifically the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Texas Team. If you missed the first blog entry you may want to click this link → DFG RGV TX Team Blog #1 ← to catch up.

Here are a few of the young women who have received kits from the DFG RGV TX Team.
Their smiles say it all!

As promised in the first blog, this blog entry will tell you more about the RGV TX Team! Scattered throughout this blog post you will see pictures of some of the actual team members on the RGV TX Team. These are just some of the generous people in this amazing group of talented volunteers who donate their time and talents to help DFG meet their charitable goals.


The DFG RGV TX Team started out simply as a group of friends who winter in Texas each year and met together weekly to craft/quilt. All these women have wonderful sewing skills and many have won various ribbons in quilting and textile-art shows. 


During one of their weekly get togethers the subject of DFG was brought up. One of the members had heard about and researched the details regarding this charitable organization. After talking about it the group decided to help out by making a "few" kits.


Of course, being the talented people they are they didn't stop at just a few! Pretty soon they welcomed other volunteers (including some men) into their weekly meeting to help with the pattern tracing, cutting, sewing, and assembling of the kits. The team became an official DFG team in July of 2016.


More fabric was bought, more kits were made, and now, almost before they realized it, they have made nearly 1000 kits! Of course all these kits cost money to make and the volunteers were dipping into their own pockets to provide the necessary fabrics and supplies. I will tell you more about the actual kits in next week's blog, but for now, you should be aware that the kits can't be made out of just any fabric or print. There are specific requirements they must meet regarding type of fabric, approved prints, colors, etc.

To try to help manage expenses, the team has regularly donated some of their beautiful handcrafted quilts to be raffled in local team fundraisers. The funds raised from these beautiful donated quilts are then put back into DFG RGV TX Team supplies and shipping/distribution costs.


How are the quilts distributed? Sometimes the kits are distributed nearer to home... for instance the DFG RGV TX Team sent 75 kits to Tijuana for the migrants. I'm sure those young women must have appreciated their beautiful new kits during such a stressful situation! Another 40 of their kits went to Mabels Clinic (a free medical clinic for the residents of Nuevo Progreso) to be distributed to young women needing help and support.


Other times the supplies and kits provided by the DFG RGV TX Team have traveled around the world! In fact, one of the team members was traveling to visit family and made a point of carrying  fabric in her suitcase to one of the DFG leaders located in South Africa (which definitely saved DFG some shipping costs)!


DFG Headquarters (HQ) receives requests from various medical, church, and school missions around the world. The people at the DFG HQ then try to match up a local volunteer team to the requesting group's needs to save on distribution expenses. Although the requesting groups are asked to make a donation (anywhere from $2 to $10 per kit) to help with materials and shipping, DFG doesn't always receive a donation and the cost to meet the requester's needs must be absorbed via fundraisers (such as this one).

Another outreach the DFG RGV TX Team provides is to teach kit-making to other volunteers in a sewing group at Texas A&M extension program. The Texas A&M sewing group is benefiting from the knowledge and help these talented DFG RGV TX Team members provide, while at the same time, increasing the opportunity to distribute more kits both locally and internationally.

The need for more kits is growing, and the volunteers are working hard to fill that need. Now that you know a bit more about these amazing volunteers I bet you want to help them out...

How You Can Help:

As I wrote in my first blog of this series, I don't sew, but I am a Close To My Heart (CTMH) Independent Consultant and I saw a way we can all assist the DFG RGV TX Team. I have organized this "online party" (officially known as the DFG RGV TX Team Gathering) to help raise funds during the month of April 2019 for the DFG RGV TX Team so they can continue their volunteer efforts with your support.

It is easy... all you need to do is two easy steps:

1. Click this link...↝ Rebecca's CTMH Online Store ↜... and it will take you to the homepage of my online store.
2. Once there, about halfway down the page you will see "Join One of Rebecca's Gatherings". Simply click the "Join" button next to the DFG RGV TX Team and you will be taken to our online gathering designated for this fundraiser where you can shop to benefit the team.

Remember... anything you purchase will raise money for the DFG RGV TX team because I am donating 100% of my commission from this DFG RGV TX Team Gathering to them! The more you buy, the more money the team will have to buy the supplies needed to make and ship DFG Kits!

It is a win-win because not only will you end up with high quality products delivered to your door to use yourself (or give as a gift to those creative people in your life), you will also be helping the DFG RGV TX team... PLUS, because this is an online "party", you will be eligible for PRIZE drawings! I'll tell you more about that in a moment.

Product Highlight:

Perhaps you aren't familiar with CTMH products or you are thinking "I don't craft". Because of this I am going to highlight two products (in each of these blogs in the series) to inspire you! Of the two products, one will be a crafting related product for those of you who craft (or want to send a gift to your favorite crafter) and one will be a not-necessarily-just-for-crafting product you can simply use around your home.

1. Crafting Related Inspiration

One of the many things that CTMH does beautifully is quality stamp sets. I love stamping because I can customize my paper crafting artwork by using stamps in combination with various colors of ink, techniques, and placement. Stamping is great for scrapbooking, card making, party favors, gift tags, home decor projects, and numerous other paper crafting designs. One of my favorite stamps sets this month is: The Budding Peony. This set of 15 stamps is so pretty and it is so versatile! This set is perfect for watercoloring, coloring with markers/colored pencils, or stamping "as is" with a variety of inks. The sentiments included can be mixed and matched to create numerous combinations. "Hello Friend", "I Adore You", "Thank You Friend", etc... If you have a die cutting system Thin Cut metal dies are also available that match this stamp set. There is a lot of detail and craftsmanship invested in the design of this stamp set which makes it one of my favorites this month.

2. Not-necessarily-just-for-crafting Related Inspiration

Scissors! Everybody needs a really sharp pair of scissors and I have the perfect recommendation for you... Non-stick Micro-tip Scissors! These are small super sharp (and I mean seriously sharp and children should not use without adult supervision) coated scissors that I absolutely love! They are coated so if you are cutting something sticky they can cut through the item without sticking to it. I particularly like them because they are small enough that they fit nicely in my hand and are easy to maneuver for detailed cutting requirements. If you don't want the non-stick version, they also come in a non-coated version... Micro-tip Scissors.

Prize Drawings:

Because this is an online party we have prize drawings to add to the fun! I will be mailing out prizes to those who order and win a prize in the weekly drawings while participating in the DFG RGV TX Team gathering. The more you order in the DFG RGV TX Team gathering, the more entries you have in the drawing. It is simple math, here is how it works... the entries are determine by multiples of $10 purchased:
  • $00.01 - $9.99   = one entry in the drawing(s)
  • $10.00 - $19.99 = two entries in the drawing(s)
  • $20.00 - $29.99 = three entries in the drawing(s)
  • $30.00 - $39.99 = four entries in the drawing(s)
  • $40.00 - $49.99 = five entries in the drawing(s)
  • $50.00 - $59.99 = six entries in the drawing(s) and be eligible for the Stamp of the Month
  • etc...
So for example:
  • If the products ordered totals $7.98 you would be eligible for one entry in the drawing(s).
  • If your products ordered totals $20.07 you would have three entries in the drawing(s).
  • If your products ordered totals $50.00 you would have six entries in the drawing(s) PLUS you can order the Stamp of the Month for only $5.00 (it is regularly $18.95).
  • etc...
There will be a total of three more Monday morning (0900 EST) drawings: April 15, April 22, and April 29. The added bonus is that the sooner you order the more drawings you will be included in
  • If you send in your order between now and 0830 EST April 15 you will be entered in the April 15, April 22, and April 29 drawings.
  • If you send in your order between the second drawing on April 15 and 0830 EST April 22 you will be entered in the April 22 and April 29 drawings.
  • If you send in your order between the third drawing on April 22 and 0830 EST April 29 you will be entered in the final drawing.
Basically, get that order sent to this fundraiser as soon as possible and you will have a better chance of winning a prize drawing! (Note: Prizes are not necessarily paper crafting related and are all valued at greater than $20.00 each.) Winners will be announced on this blog weekly and prizes will be mailed out each week.

So there you have it. You can shop online in the DFG RGV TX Team Gathering until midnight April 29th and 100% of the sales commission from this gathering will be donated to the team.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below or send me an email via the comment section on the home page of this blog. Let's make this a successful fundraising gathering for this generous hardworking team and be sure to read next week's blog to learn more about the DFG patented "Kit", see two more featured products and find out if you are the winner of second drawing!

Happy Fundraising!