Christmas in July Demolition

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Today I posted a very different video than I usually share, so if this is your first time to my YouTube channel you will definitely want to check out my other videos to see what type of content I normally create. But I simply had to share this story with you...

My "craft room" is really just a space I have claimed in one side of our unfinished basement. My hubby uses the other side of the basement for his workout weightlifting room. 

Back when we first bought our house we cleaned up the basement and then we created my little craft area. I started small with a worktable and a few supplies. You may notice that behind my table are three large mirrors. 

We found those mirrors leaning against the wall with a lot of junk in our basement when we first moved in.  As a logical storage option my hubby hung the mirrors on the unfinished framed-out wall simply so they would not get knocked over and broken.

Over time I collected more paper and more supplies.

However, I still never liked those mirrors hanging there. I found it rather distracting to catch movement out of the corner of my eye while crafting... only to realize, time and again, the movement was simply my reflection. I was also concerned that the mirrors, because they had nothing supporting them other than some widely spaced wall studs, were a safety hazard and might get bumped too hard by me pushing against the table… 

... or by our sweet little budding crafter accidentally banging against them, possibly causing the glass to shatter.  I mentioned these concerns to my hubby occasionally over the last couple of years… but nothing ever came of it. 

I never really complained too much about my craft area except for occasionally voicing concern to my hubby about the fragility of the mirrors and the fact that certain months of the year were so humid in the basement my paper wilted. This brings us up to the events of this past week.

Being that it is July, I’ve been noticing lots of “Christmas in July” postings on various websites, so I decided I was going to join in and make a video to share a really fun Christmas card idea with you this week. I pulled out some of the papers I wanted to use and then went to bed prepared to create and share a video when I woke up the following morning.

I am not an early riser in the morning, but my husband is.

Last Wednesday, he got up early, as usual, and I continued to sleep until my regular wake up time. Upon rising I didn’t find my husband reading in the living room waiting for breakfast as he usually does. But I could hear some sounds coming from downstairs… so down the steps I went…

I cannot tell you how surprised I was by what I saw! 

My hubby had unceremoniously moved my entire crafting area and my supplies into a clump in the middle of the basement and he was working on prepping the concrete block walls in preparation to paint some water seal on the walls!

There went my plans to create a Christmas in July card that day! Now, don’t get me wrong… I am tickled that my wonderful husband decided to “fix up” my area… but the timing was a bit of a shocker for me.

Has anyone ever done something like this to you? Let me know in the comments below… I would love to hear your surprise story.

My "handyman" hubby tells me that my area will probably be done within the week… in which case I will still be able to squeak out a Christmas card before July is over… but if not I may start a new trend… Christmas in August!!

So bear with me while I put my craft area back together. As soon as I can get my workspace back I will post a fun and creative Christmas card design that I believe you will enjoy.

Thank you for reading my blog and watching my video...  and please be sure to like and subscribe so you won’t miss out on any of the fun once it starts back up next week.

Happy Paper Crafting,