Let’s Be Honest

This blog is my raw and honest opinion about my experience as an Independent Consultant for Close To My Heart. The opinions in this blog entry are mine and mine alone and in no way is this entry meant as a negative comment about Close To My Heart or other Independent Consultants.

Big news... after just under a year of being an Independent Consultant (IC) for Close To My Heart (CTMH) I’m “throwing in the towel”. It’s not because I don’t love CTMH products but, if I am honest, I guess I’m just not very good at the whole multilevel marketing gig. I signed up to be a CTMH IC because I wanted to purchase the products at the consultant price, I wanted to earn free products, and I was hoping I would make some new paper crafting friends. I also had hoped that I might even make a few sales each quarter to help supplement my household income. In order to maintain my IC status I was required to reach a set sales goal every quarter.

As much as I would have liked to meet my quarterly sales every quarter it simply didn’t happen. Why? I think there are three main reasons.
  1. I don’t know any paper crafters who aren’t already consultants themselves. I have friends who are quilters, friends who are active in social issues, friends who knit but, except for other CTMH Independent Consultants, I don’t have any paper crafting friends. I’ve tried to inspire my non-crafting friends to join me in my paper crafting passion but they all seem to have their own artistic aspirations to pursue. In all honesty I have to admit fair is fair because, for example, as much as I love my friends who quilt I have zero interest in sewing pieces of fabric together to make a quilt. I get it. I love seeing completed quilts but making one? No thanks. So I don’t expect all my friends to delight in paper crafting like I do.
  2. I did a terrible job of convincing acquaintances that they want to have a card party or a scrapbooking party. Regardless of how many catalogs I gave away, or how many “great deals” I offered, I simply couldn’t make my quarterly sales. I supplemented my sales by purchasing products for myself, but that is not a feasible business plan for the long term.
  3. I love a variety of paper crafting products! I established this Paper Crafting With Rebecca blog prior to becoming a CTMH IC, but once I started my CTMH business I was encouraged not to use other than CTMH products in my blog. I just can’t maintain that style of blogging. Although I love the variety and quality of CTMH products there are also other beautiful products out there. If you know me then you know I am going to be honest and give truthful critiques and opinions about paper crafting products and companies in my blog. If I see a product I think you might enjoy I’ll recommend it even if it means I lose a CTMH sale.
So there you have it, the honest truth about my personal experience into multilevel marketing and CTMH. Now that I am no longer a CTMH IC you will probably see a wider variety of paper and products on my blog once again. My YouTube videos will now include product comparisons and I will show you a wider variety of paper crafting projects (art journals, party favors, etc.) using all sorts of new products from various companies and sources.

Be sure to let me know in the comment section what you think about multilevel marketing. Have you tried it? How did it go for you? Also be sure to let me know if there is a product or paper crafting technique you would like me to make a video about. I’m always open to suggestions.

Happy Paper Crafting,


  1. Refreshing honesty! I was a successful CTMH consultant and I recently resigned. Best wishes to you! I like your crafting videos!


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