Color Dare #386 - TicTacToe

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If you've been following my Instagram (@papergluefun) or Facebook (@PaperGlueFun) accounts you will have noticed I've been busy making cards and a few scrapbook pages the last couple of weeks during this pandemic while social distancing. However, in order to have even more fun, and a bit of a challenge, I decided it was time to join in for another Color Dare! So let's do this!

If you would like to read the rules, or join in the fun and enter your own creation, please click on the link below. Join us!

Link → Color Dare #386

I chose to create a card using the first column... Carolina, Mint, and Toffee (and Gold, Black and White are free).

First step was to gather some inks, something to blend the ink onto the white cardstock, and a couple of frame dies. I could have done this in any shape (square, rectangle, circle...) but I chose to use rectangle today.

Next I started blending my ink onto the white cardstock. I started with the Toffee. I only blended a large enough section to be able to fit the die onto it, saving the leftover piece of white cardstock for another project.

After I finished the Toffee I repeated the process using the Carolina ink. Again, I only blended a piece as large as needed for the die to fit.

Now I have all sorts of sizes of rectangles to play with! I put these aside for now and focused on my flower stamping and coloring.

I stamped a flower (actually two of them just in case I messed up the first one) onto white cardstock scrap using the Toffee ink. So far so good...

Next, using my Mint ink and my water brush I colored the leaves on the flowers. Be sure to use the lid of the ink, not the pad, when pulling color up with your water brush. 

I repeated this process, shading the flower with my Carolina ink, and a bit more with the Mint ink. It's fun to explore how the ink moves on the cardstock using a water brush.

The center of the flowers are done using the Toffee ink. I was originally going to make the dots in the center Mint, but the brown ran over the mint dots, so I went with it.

Next it was simply a matter of die cutting the flower and assembling the card. I offset the brown rectangle because I thought that looked nice and less "regimented". There is foam tape holding up the flower and I added a few gold drops on the center of the flower and in the "blank" spaces to balance the card.

If you are wondering what stamp sets I used...

So that is my card for this Color Dare! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I made it. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below, I love reading what you have to say!

Happy Paper Crafting,


  1. Lovely card! You used our colors well and I love the design. Thanks for sharing at Color Dare.

  2. Love the stitched frames and how you set the one at an angle to display your pretty flower...beautiful card. Thanks for sharing with us at Double Trouble


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