Happy Birthday Jessica!

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When I'm not creating YouTube videos, cards, scrapbooks, or other paper projects I spend my free time (especially during this pandemic while stuck at home) watching Your Tube videos by other creators or playing Sims (I loved playing with dollhouses when I was a little girl... so I guess that is why I love playing Sims so much).

If I am sitting alone watching YouTube videos I tend to watch (you guessed it) paper crafting videos! However, if I am watching YouTube with my hubby we watch videos showcasing travel, plant-based cooking, living the vegan lifestyle, or riding trains (trains... that is an entirely different vein of discussion worthy of a separate blog entry). One of the YouTube channels we subscribe to is Krocks in the Kitchen by Brian and Jessica Krock. Here is the link to their blog ... Krocks in the Kitchen where you can find their story and links to their videos.

We enjoy their videos because of the plant based recipes and because they are "real" about life's challenges. As a bonus they have Pomeranians and if you know me at all you know that the puppy love of my life was my little Blayde who died on June 25, 2018, at the age of 11 years old.

I miss him so much!

(sigh) I digress... so back on topic...

Anyway, after watching the Krocks videos pretty much since they started posting them back around January of 2019 (and following along on their journey) I sent a note via Instagram to Jessica back in February (when their family lost Stella) to offer my condolences. A note on Instagram is okay... but you know me... I believe a handmade card is a "paper hug" and would have preferred to send a card. At that time the Krocks didn't have an address they could give out to the public so an Instagram note would have to do.

Then in April I wanted to be able to send her a card to pass on to her Grandma Mickey, but still no PO Box to send it to. So again, I relied on Instagram and comments in their "live" videos to communicate.

Finally! In August they got a PO Box and I could send them my "paper hugs"!

Now I need to clarify something... I am not a "fan girl" of the Krocks because, honestly,  I am too mature to be that way with people... but I do feel as if I can be a friendly "big sister" to Jessica (we've got a lot in common) and offered her my shoulder/ear should she ever need to talk. I understand a lot of what she is going through, I've been there, too. (That will make more sense to you if you watch some of her videos.) Although Jessica and I have communicated back and forth a bit via Instagram I express myself best through my paper crafting (but you probably already know that about me) which leads us into her birthday card.

So... now that you know a bit of the back story.. here is a video about the card I made Jessica for her birthday. This video doesn't show the time I spent coming up with the design, cutting out the little characters (thanks to my Cricut Explore Air and using Cricut Access in the Design Space software)... because I wanted to keep this video short... but it does show the general construction, watercoloring, and other little technical tidbits I put into the card.

Without further ado... here's the video... 

In case you are wondering... here are some links to some of the paper crafting supplies I used...
  • For the black eyes on the Pomeranians (applied with a quilting pin) I used Ebony Black Nuvo Crystal Drops 
  • The pens I used (drawing glasses, coloring spoons, etc.) were Shuttle Art Gel Pens
  • Most of the solid cardstock I used was from my stash of Close To My Heart Cardstock and the patterned cardstock is from Michael's.
  • As embellishments I used Half Round Pearl Beads
  • The watercolors are Winsor & Newton Cotman
If there are any other supplies I used and you are curious about them then leave me a comment below and I'll be sure to get back to you.

Happy Paper Crafting,