Create Your Own Layered Stickers

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If you are a scrapbooker or card maker you have probably bought layered stickers that coordinate with your paper packs. I know I have! But then I reached a point where I decided that I would just start making my own, and in actuality it is really easy to do! Here is a little video I made showing just how easy it can be...

See how easy it is to make layered stickers! It's also very relaxing and a lot of fun. After making your own layered stickers I bet you will be less likely to buy them ready-made.

One thing I did fail to demonstrate in the video is that once all the ink/glue is dry I add a little piece of double-sided adhesive to the back of each creation. This makes it quick and easy for me because once I am ready to use the little creation on one of my projects I just peel and stick!

Here are some photos of the stickers I made in the video...

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