Flip-It Card: To Die Cut or Not To Die Cut


Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca! Today's blog is all about making a flip-it card using a die (if you have it) or completely by hand without a die. To start with you might want to watch this video and see the process in action...

I hope you found that video helpful! Again, let me stress, you don't need a die at all to create a flip-it card. You can cut out your shape using a craft blade if you have a steady hand.

Here are some pictures of the cards made using The Stamps of Life die set.

Although it doesn't show up well in the photo, there are
flat-back pearls on the top left and bottom right corners,
and the "hello" is shimmery!

This is the card I demonstrated in the video.

I made this card completely flat for easy mailing. 
The patterned paper was so pretty I didn't think it
needed much else added to it!

And here is the card I demonstrated in the video made without a Flip-It Card die set:

As promised in the video, here are the basic measurements:
  • Card base for an A2 envelope: 6.25" x 5.5"
  • First fold line is 2" in from left.
  • Second fold line is 3" in from left.
  • Dashed line is 0.75" in from left. (Remember the dashed line is the furthest left you will place your shape for the "flip-it" piece.
You can use a variety of shapes for your flip-it component. I demonstrated using a square, but you can use an oval, circle, rectangle, etc... get creative!

For this video I demonstrated the "basic" concept to creating this card but I encourage you to have fun with it and design something unique. It is always a delightful surprise for the person receiving your creation when they open the card and the "flip" reveals a funny picture, surprise sentiment, or even a photo on the other side.

I am not sponsored by, nor an affiliate of, any of the products or companies used/seen in this video/blog. This information is all for entertainment purposes and I hope it helps to inspire you to pull out your crafting supplies and have some fun!

If you have any questions or comments for me then please do leave them below or in the comment section of the video. I appreciate you reading my little paper crafting blog and watching my video... thank you!

Happy Paper Crafting,