Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca! I am so happy you stopped into my little blog. I hope you find the information here fun, informative, and inspirational. I am not selling anything. I am not sponsored by (nor an affiliate of) any of the products used or companies mentioned in my blog or videos. I simply create this blog (and videos) because I love meeting new people and connecting with others in the paper crafting community.

Today's blog entry is all about a Team Tiny Hop I was invited to be a part of. This is a hashtag driven hop, so simply use #TeamTinyLoveHop2022 in the search bar on YouTube and you will be able to follow along and see what all the other creators have submitted to the hop.

You may be asking, "What is Team Tiny?" I can certainly answer that for you! Team Tiny is a group of YouTube paper crafters who each have less than 1000 subscribers to their YouTube channels. If you would like to support us all you need to do is subscribe to our channels and hit that "like" button if you like what we are creating.

On a personal note I want to send a big thank you to all of you who subscribe to my YouTube channel. Because of you I have now reached over 1000 subscribers and I will be lovingly kicked out of Team Tiny at the conclusion of this hop, but that's okay! This creates more room for other YouTubers who are starting out. I truly appreciate you watching and all the supportive comments I receive. Thank you again!

So, having said that... here is my offering for the #TeamTinyLoveHop2022 ...

I hope you enjoyed the video. This was a fun card to create. I think the embroidery floss as balloon strings added so much interest and detail to the card. Here is the "love" card up close...

As always, thank you for stopping in and feel free to leave me comments or just say "hi" below! I hope you are now inspired to pull out your craft supplies and have some fun. Be sure to pop into the other videos on this hop and see what the other creators have made, too!

Happy Paper Crafting,


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