May 2022 Review

Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca! I am so happy you stopped into my little blog. I hope you find the information here fun, informative, and inspirational. I am not selling anything. I am not sponsored by (nor an affiliate of) any of the products used or companies mentioned in my blog or videos. I simply create this blog (and videos) because I love meeting new people and connecting with others in the paper crafting community.

As you may already know (or not) I am not spending money on craft supplies for all of 2022! Here is the video about that if you want to know more:

Being on this "spending freeze" I gave each month a theme so I would have some inspiration to focus on as I crafted that month. I designated May as... "May" I Create Some Embellishment Flowers?

So all throughout the month of May I tried to help inspire you to create different styles of flowers made with items you "may" already own. It was a fun month of playing and creating flowers. Hopefully everyone gained some new crafting knowledge, inspiration, and had fun!

Here are the videos for May 2022 should you want to review them:

I also joined Kendra's Card Challenge this month again. I created 15 fun birthday cards using six pieces of patterned paper and Kendra's card sketches. It was a lot of fun!

Also, here are a few more pictures of May's paper crafting fun...

Save that packing paper!

Buttons add so much interest to a project.

They are easy flowers to create but add so much!

Repurpose those envelopes!

Gift tags always come in handy.

A simple easy card to brighten someone's day.

These sorts of flowers can be used for all sorts of decor,
packages, gifts, and other paper crafting projects.

Don't throw away acetate, create flowers!

Acetate/sequin flowers are bright and cheerful.

You can always make these flowers ahead and have
them in your stash to use at a later date.

Stencils can be used to create floral ephemera.

You get to choose the color when making your
ephemera yourself. Have fun with it!

So that is the month of May! Hopefully having all the videos for May of 2022 on one page will be helpful to you. I will try to put up a summary each month to keep things organized as I go through this No-Spend 2022!

Coming in June is "Bring on the Summer with Stencils!" I will be providing some stenciling ideas made with both store bought stencils and homemade stencils. Be sure to join in the fun over on my YouTube channel: Paper Crafting With Rebecca .

As always I love hearing from you in the comments!

Happy Paper Crafting,