August 2022 Review

Welcome to Paper Crafting With Rebecca! I am so happy you stopped into my little blog. I hope you find the information here fun, informative, and inspirational. I create this blog (and videos) because I love meeting new people and connecting with others in the paper crafting community.

August was "If You Can't Beat The Heat... Use It!" where I provided some tips and inspiration with a focus on heat embossing. I tried to provide tips that all paper crafters would enjoy... from scrapbookers to card makers and beyond.

Let's start with a summary of the videos...

I also received some fun crafty free products to review... I appreciate those who reached out to me and sent such fun goodies. Here are those videos in case you missed them... along with some information to save you some money should you decide to go shopping.

If you decide to shop at Kokorosa Studio then here is a 25% Discount Code you can use: L28764

I am not an affiliate to Kokorosa Studio (so will receive no compensation if you click these links) but to make things easier for you (and because I appreciate them sending me some goodies)... here are some direct links to some of the items they sent me:

Christmas Decoration Border

Happy Birthday Frame

Flower Wave Border

Morning Glory Fairy Clear Stamp

Rhombus Wire Fence

Here are some helpful links from ONEDAYSAVING if you want to check them out. Again, I am not an affiliate of theirs, but I do appreciate that they sent me such cute supplies to play with and try out.

Here are the direct links to what they sent me:

Colorful Pearls Beads

6 piece diamond painting princess stickers

Diamond painting butterfly stickers

In the video I had not used the butterfly stickers yet... but since making the video I have had a chance to play with them and they are so fun!

Before I put on the sparkle...

...once the sparkle is on...

...the card I created using the completed butterfly.

Here are some of the other butterflies, too.

I also took time to answer some questions I had received in my YouTube comments, my Instagram, and this blog. I always appreciate hearing from you!

Did you miss the video where I showed my last entry into Kendra's Card Challenge #7? Here it is, just in case...

I also made a variety of cards and scrapbook pages this month. Here are some photos that might inspire you to get busy in your craft area, too!

Yes, I am still catching up on scrapbooking from April!!

My ski pro cousin had a birthday this month!!

My racing fan cousin had a birthday this month, too!

I have a friend who collects (and is known for her love of)
"Peef the Christmas Bear" items so I made her this army of Peefs.
I thought perhaps she could sign the back of them and pop them into
potted plants, etc., around various places she goes so she
can "share the Peef love" as she is going through her chemotherapy.
When people who know Jessica see a "Peef" they automatically
think of her and send her good vibes!

Also, as a side note, I am continuing work building my granddaughter's
collectable dollhouse. The roof is on, now I need to stain shingles and get
them all on. I also need to finish painting the house, insert the completed
windows, put on all the trim, etc. etc. etc. Whew!

Speaking of granddaughter... she started kindergarten this month!

So, as you can see, August was a busy month!! I am looking forward to a lot of special moments in September... from making visits to family to some fun planned day trips my hubby... September is sure to be a delight.

As for my upcoming theme for September, I am presenting... "Colors Are Changing: Mixing and layering colors for a whole new look on your paper crafting projects!" I so hope you visit and subscribe to my YouTube channel Paper Crafting With Rebecca and follow me on social media where I am @papergluefun   Of course you can find all sorts of links and goodies I love at my: Rebecca's Linktree

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Happy Paper Crafting,