#3 DFG RGV TX Team Fundraiser

Welcome back to the third entry in a four part blog series dedicated to Days for Girls (DFG), and specifically the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Texas Team. If you missed the first blog entry you may want to click this link → DFG RGV TX Team Fundraiser Blog #1 ← and you can see the second blog entry at → DFG RGV TX Team Fundraiser Blog #2 ← to catch up.

The focus of this blog entry is to talk about what a DFG "kit" actually is. What is included in a kit? How was it designed? But first I want to credit much of this information as coming from the Days for Girls International website*. I also want to thank the DFG RGV TX Team for their help in explaining all that is involved in "kit production". They are an amazing team of people!

A DFG Kit is a patented kit (U.S. Patent No. 9877878) that was designed with input from thousands of women and girls from all over the world! According to their website they had 27 iterations before coming up with the current kit.

The kit itself is designed to last up to three years, uses little water (which is important in so many of the locales in which these kits are distributed to), and dries quickly once washed. The users of the kits report that they are comfortable, saves them money over disposable options (which many can't afford in the first place), and are acceptable for use in their various cultural settings.

The kits the DFG RGV TX Team makes are called the "Supreme Days for Girls Kit". Here is a picture of one as found on the website*:

The kit contains a beautiful handcrafted bag to hold all the components, a sheet of care and use pictorial instructions, two handcrafted waterproof shields, eight handcrafted absorbent liners, two Ziploc plastic bags for washing and storage, one washcloth, one bar of soap, and two pairs of panties.

The DFG RGV TX Team creates the kits with fabrics that incorporate bright colors so as to camouflage any staining. Also, the absorbent liners are designed so that they unfold and merely look like a washcloth so that when the young women are washing them (or drying them in the sun) there is no embarrassment or public acknowledgement that it is "that time of month" for them. Lastly, the DFG RGV TX Team makes a point to use prints that are culturally acceptable (no skulls, eyes, cartoon characters, etc.) in order to be sensitive to the various cultural norms.

As mentioned above, a lot of time and effort was put into the design of these kits so that the final product is a long lasting and easy-to-care-for solution for young women all over the world. You can also see that a lot of care, cutting/sewing/assembling time, and materials are required for the volunteers to produce each kit. Knowing all this, I know you want to help...

How You Can Help:

As I have mentioned in my previous blogs, I don't sew, but I am a Close To My Heart (CTMH) Independent Consultant and I saw a way we can all assist the DFG RGV TX Team. I have organized this "online party" (officially known as the DFG RGV TX Team Gathering) to help raise funds during the month of April 2019 for the DFG RGV TX Team so they can continue their volunteer efforts with your support.

It is easy... all you need to do is two easy steps:

1. Click this link...↝ Rebecca's CTMH Online Store ↜... and it will take you to the homepage of my online store.
2. Once there, about halfway down the page you will see "Join One of Rebecca's Gatherings". Simply click the "Join" button next to the DFG RGV TX Team and you will be taken to our online gathering designated for this fundraiser where you can shop to benefit the team.

Remember... anything you purchase will raise money for the DFG RGV TX team because I am donating 100% of my commission from this DFG RGV TX Team Gathering to them! The more you buy, the more money the team will have to buy the supplies needed to make and ship DFG Kits!

It is a win-win because not only will you end up with high quality products delivered to your door to use yourself (or give as a gift to those creative people in your life), you will also be helping the DFG RGV TX team... PLUS, because this is an online "party", you will be eligible for PRIZE drawings! I'll tell you more about that in a moment.

Product Highlight:

Perhaps you aren't familiar with CTMH products or you are thinking "I don't craft". Because of this I am going to highlight two products (in each of these blogs in the series) to inspire you! Of the two products, one will be a crafting related product for those of you who craft (or want to send a gift to your favorite crafter) and one will be a not-necessarily-just-for-crafting product you can simply use around your home. These items can be found in my online store.

1. Crafting Related Inspiration

Life is hectic sometimes, but we still want that time to unwind with a crafting project. Sometimes, instead of starting "from scratch" it is nice to save some time and use a kit so that your papers and embellishments are already color coordinated for you! For your inspiration and consideration this week I would like to highlight a CTMH kit called Story by Stacy Short Story Workshop Kit.

This kit contains:
  • 1 - 6" x 6" album
  • 10 - 6" x 6" Memory Protectors
  • 12 - patterned paper sheets; 6" x 6"
  • 20 - White Daisy cardstock sheets; 6" x 6"
  • 1 - package of Black & White Dots
  • 1 - package of white twine; 1 yard
  • 1 - black & white gingham ribbon; 3 yards
  • 1 - Short Story workbook
The workbook in this Story by Stacy kit walks you though the creation of a lovely album you fill with your pictures and memories to create a story. If you would like to see one completed you can watch this quick video Workshop Kit - Black & White. Of course, there are other Story by Stacy kits available in my online store, too. You will want to choose the one that best meets your individual needs. (Note: In addition to complete this kit you will need some adhesive, scissors and a pen for the journaling. You may also want to add your own additional embellishments to your story album, too, such as stamped words/designs, die cuts, etc. It is all up to you!)

2. Not-necessarily-just-for-crafting Related Inspiration

Check out this beautiful tote bag! This bag is perfect for carrying all those goodies you want to take on the go with you. It features a zippered main compartment, one small interior zipper pocket, and one large exterior zipper pocket; 18.5" opening, 6" x 13.5" base, 14.5" tall. It is a high-quality tote bag that can go anywhere with you and be both stylish and practical at the same time. This tote bag is available in my online store under the "organization" tab.

Prize Drawings:

To continue with our online party theme, there are prize drawings! I will be mailing out prizes to those who order and win a prize in the weekly drawings while participating in the DFG RGV TX Team gathering. The more you order in the DFG RGV TX Team gathering, the more entries you have in the drawing. It is simple math, here is how it works... the entries are determine by multiples of $10 purchased:
  • $00.01 - $9.99   = one entry in the drawing(s)
  • $10.00 - $19.99 = two entries in the drawing(s)
  • $20.00 - $29.99 = three entries in the drawing(s)
  • $30.00 - $39.99 = four entries in the drawing(s)
  • $40.00 - $49.99 = five entries in the drawing(s)
  • $50.00 - $59.99 = six entries in the drawing(s) and be eligible for the Stamp of the Month
  • etc...
So for example:
  • If the products ordered totals $7.98 you would be eligible for one entry in the drawing(s).
  • If your products ordered totals $20.07 you would have three entries in the drawing(s).
  • If your products ordered totals $50.00 you would have six entries in the drawing(s) PLUS you can order the Stamp of the Month for only $5.00 (it is regularly $18.95).
  • etc...
We have two Monday morning (0900 EST) drawings left: April 22 and April 29.
  • If you send in your order between the second drawing on April 15 and 0830 EST April 22 you will be entered in the April 22 and April 29 drawings.
  • If you send in your order between the third drawing on April 22 and 0830 EST April 29 you will be entered in the final drawing.
Basically, get that order sent to this fundraiser as soon as possible and you will have a better chance of winning a prize drawing! We only have two more drawings remaining and winners will be announced on this blog and prizes will be mailed out the week they are won.

So there you have it. You can shop online in the DFG RGV TX Team Gathering until midnight April 29th and 100% of the sales commission from this gathering will be donated to the team.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section below or send me an email via the comment section on the home page of this blog. Let's make this a successful fundraising gathering for this generous hardworking team and be sure to read next week's blog to learn more about how you can help your local DFG team, see two more featured products and find out if you are the winner of third drawing!

Happy Fundraising!