Gratitude Journal Prep for 2021

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Here it is November 2020 and I am already looking towards 2021 in hopes it will be a better year. Granted, there are parts of this year that I appreciate... my hubby and I drove across the United States and were able to visit my parents before the virus shut everything down, we have stayed reasonably healthy throughout all of the pandemic, and we had toilet paper even when the stores didn't... but still, I want this year of political fighting and pandemic to be over. I want to hug my extended family and friends again. I want to stop feeling so anxious about EVERYTHING happening around me! I worry about those I love and the people around me probably more than I should. My husband says I shouldn't worry so much, there is nothing that worry solves and I can't control things to ensure a good outcome, but how does one turn off worry or anxiety?

While doing some mental health research I stumbled across some articles about the importance of keeping a "gratitude journal" to help control those anxious feelings that 2020 has brought on even worse than usual. There are different sorts of gratitude journals out there. Some are strictly written word (like a diary), some are all pictures (like a scrapbook), some are typed on the computer, some are recorded in audio files. I decided I would keep one for 2021 and chose the format that I believe will best suit my personality... hence one I will keep up and actually complete each week. This blog shows the format I chose.

I chose to use the "write down something once per week that you are grateful for and list at least five reasons why you are grateful for that something". I believe the "why" is as important as the "what". Thinking about the "why" adds more meaning to the process and will hopefully help to ground me better. I will also probably tuck in some pictures and keepsakes into the journal throughout the year, too.

Although I could have purchased a ready-made journal I chose to create one... what else would a dedicated paper crafter do?! Here is a little video I made showing you a quick flip-through of the journal, complete with all the little pull-outs and flaps and blingie parts...

Did you like that video? Do you have any comments or suggestions I should incorporate into the final result of my journal?

Here are some still shots of the various pages. I will also include links to some of the supplies I used at the end if you want to make something similar. If you are watching this a couple of months from now (I'm posting this blog entry in November 2020) the links might not work but in the meantime... I hope it helps you out.

Cover page.. Hello 2021... Word for the year is "Joy"!

Behind the cover page is a pocket for photos and keepsakes.
In the video you heard me mention the "sticker book video"...
here is the link to that video: "Prime Days" Paper Crafting Haul & Tips 
Then starts January...

January (cont.) and February

February (cont.) and March

March (cont.) and April

April (cont.) and May

May (cont.) and June

June (cont.) and July

A close-up of the June bird.

A close-up of the July shaker pocket.
Does it make you think of fireworks?

July (cont.) and August

August (cont.) and September

September (cont.) and October

October (cont.) and November

A close-up of October's birds.

November (cont.) and December

A close-up of December's butterflies.

The last of December... the end of 2021.

The paper collection I used as my main unifying theme is by Bella Blvd... Make Your Mark Collection and I picked that up at Tuesday Morning the last time we were in Charlottesville (before the pandemic). I had been hanging onto this paper collection but decided I really need to stop hoarding paper so broke it out for this project.

Some of the supplies I used:
I wish I could be of more help telling you which dies I used, but I am terrible about keeping the packaging for the dies. When I buy a die I throw away the packaging and store it on a magnetic sheet hanging on my pegboard next to my die cutting machines. I believe the large butterflies and the lace-like medallions are from Anna Griffin because they are gold colored dies, but the others? 

Let's see... what am I forgetting? I am sure there is something. If there is a supply I used but have not listed then just drop me a comment below and I will get back to you with the details.

If you decide to do a Gratitude Journal for 2021 be sure to let me know about it and share your pictures, too!

Happy Paper Crafting,